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Model 105 Work Caddy



An adjustable height (Gas Spring) mobile work support station that positions Hardware, Tools, Etc. at your work side. Equipped with a lower tray with dividers for hardware and upper tray for tools, accessories and attachments, the Tool Caddy enhances safety, organization, and productivity.  Also a great support aide when positioning pumps, motors, etc. at the point of attachment.

  • Top Height Range  – 16” to 21”
  • Optional Tall Gas Spring, Model 105-T: 25” to 33”
  • Diameter: Lower Tray (20”) Upper (24”)
  • (5) Heavy Duty Casters (2 Locking) 3.5″
  • 400 lbs Capacity
  • Industrial Grade 800N Gas Spring


Base model shipping weight 55 lbs
Base model shipping dimensions 17 × 20 × 7 in

Eidos Ergonomics


Powder coated steel

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  1. EIS-00022—3.5 in. Locking Caster
  2. EIS-00023—3.5 in. Non-Lock Caster
  3. EIC-05002-1—Bottom Pan
  4. EIC-10204—Standpipe/Model (Standard Model)
  5. EIC-10203—Standpipe/Gas Spring (Tall Model)
  6. EIC-105011-TC—Top Tool Tray
  7. EIC-105012—360 Degree Release Mechanism
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