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Model 107 LowMaster


The LowMaster positioner is designed for heavy use in the most demanding industrial environments.  It keeps a fully contoured position relative to the head and neck throughout its range of motion.  Its durable construction features only top quality materials.  All heavy wear parts are replaceable; seat, casters and gas cylinder.

  • 12 gauge steel rectangular frame
  • Baked on epoxy powder coating
  • Heavy duty casters (two with locks)
  • Comfortable yet durable injection molded seat


  • Footprint: 36″ x 19″
  • Optional tool tray: 13.75″ x 4.75″


Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 20 × 12 in

Eidos Ergonomics


Molded polyurethane, Powder coated steel



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    1. EIC-00742A—107 Seat (foam)
    2. EIC-00741A—107 Backrest (foam)
    3. EIC-00740A—107 Headrest (foam)
    4. EIS-00022—3.5in Locking Caster
    5. EIS-00023—3.5in Non-Locking Caster
    6. EIS-00800N—107 Gas Spring
    7. EIC-00730—107 Pull Handle
    8. EIC-00731-B—107 Hooks 22.75in
    9. EIC-00723—Support Shaft (holds Gas Springs)
    10. EIS-00313—107 Assit Spring
    11. EIC-00600—107 Brass Roller
    12. EIC-00721—Actuating Arm (from gas to center)
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