30-Day Demo

We Are So Certain—that you will be pleased with the quality and total value (enhanced productivity plus reduced back and neck muscle group injuries) that Eidos will ship you a product of your choice (pending application review) for a free 30 day demonstration.

Prior to the 30-Day Demo, we will ask for a P.O. number and credit card for proper tracking.  If for any reason you feel the product does not meet your expectations or application, all we ask is that the unit be cleaned and returned in the original shipping carton, freight prepaid.

We will require a written request from you (fax or e-mail) to allow for shipment release from Eidos.  Dependent on company qualification, we may ask for a major credit card number for our records.

To insure proper fit for the model in the application, we will contact you before shipping units. Please, only new customers or locations.

Shipping costs will be paid by the receiver.

Questions? (800) 210-9666 or sales@eidosergonomics.com

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