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Model 110 WeldMaster

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In the forward facing position, the WeldMaster, with its unique spring loaded back, provides solid back support for overhead work. Reverse position on the WeldMaster, and the back support now acts as a chest support for ground level work. The front and rear legs, and back/chest support all adjust with simple PTO pins to offer a variety of properly supported work positions. Simplicity, heavy duty design and total versatility will make the WeldMaster, the best support you’ve ever added to your manufacturing operations.

Mechanics, welders and assemblers whose job requires a variety of work positions can now substantially reduce back and neck muscle strains with the Eidos WeldMaster.

Versatility is the key feature of the WeldMaster, allowing for supported overhead work while quickly switching to ground level applications such as heavy grinding and welding.


Base model shipping weight 22 lbs
Base model shipping dimensions 22 × 22 × 9 in

Eidos Ergonomics


Molded polyurethane, Powder coated steel

Assembly Instructions

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    1. EIC-11011—Spine
    2. EIC-11013—Pivot Neck
    3. EIS-11018—Pivot Spring
    4. EIC-11020—Front Leg
    5. EIC-11030—Rear (Frog) Leg
    6. EIC-11280A-1A—Seat Pad
    7. EIC-11280A-1A—Chest Pad
    8. EIC-11051—Chest Pad Support
    9. EIC-11060—Chest Pad Extension
    10. EIS-11010—Caplug
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