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Model 109-HR Highrider Batwing


The Model 109-HR is the newest addition to our Industrial product line. A great tool for those hard to reach applications. As one of the two models with a vertical adjustment, it raises in one inch increments via PTO pins.

  • Seat Height Range: 15″-19″
  • Footprint: 23.5″x32″
  • Height (Top of Backrest Fully Upright): 43.5″
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Toolbox inside dimensions: 4.75″ x 13.75″


Base model shipping weight 80 lbs
Base model shipping dimensions 34 × 24 × 12 in

Eidos Ergonomics


Molded polyurethane, Powder coated steel

Assembly Instructions

Download the instructions to print.

Download the instructions for print. 


Download the instructions for print. 

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    1. EIC-10910—109 Frame
    2. EIS-00022—3.5in Locking Caster
    3. EIS-00023—3.5in Non-Locking Caster
    4. EIC-00063-2—Backrest Foam
    5. EIC-11240—Steel Backrest Support
    6. EIC-11280A-1A—Seat Foam
    7. EIC-11295-A—Release Mechanism
    8. EIC-11296-A—Release Handle
    9. EIS-11250—Release Handle Cap
    10. EIS-11201-1—Gas Spring
    11. EIC-11297—Aluminum Spring Spacer
    12. EIS-00743-A—Recess Bumper
    13. EIC-10990—Tool Box
    14. EIC-105EXT—Caster Extension Plate
    15. EIC-10770-1—Caster Extension Leg (Female)
    16. EIC-00403—Caster Extension Let (Male)
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