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Model 117 Ranger w/ Options


The Model 117 Ranger from Eidos is a fully adjustable work station constructed of steel for years of tough industrial service. With a foot-print approximating that of an office chair, the Ranger is well suited for the types of demanding manufacturing and maintenance environments that often destroy a lesser product in short order. Not just a better idea- the Ranger was designed at the request of several Fortune 100 manufacturers who desired a safe work station, with adjustable range of work height, comfort, and durability, all in a cost effective package.

  • Seat back tilt range: 85º
  • Seat dimensions: 19.75″ by 15.50″
  • Base length: 31″
  • Base width: 26″
  • Seat height range: 18″ to 30″


Base model shipping weight 106 lbs
Base model shipping dimensions 36 × 28 × 20 in

Eidos Ergonomics

Assembly Instructions

Gas Spring Adjustment/Installation Instructions

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Options Assembly/Installation Instructions

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    1. EIA-11711-J—4in x 1.25in Locking Caster
    2. EIA-11712-J—4in x 1.25in Non-Locking Caster
    3. EIS-11201-1—Gas Spring (for Backrest)
    4. EIC-11297—Gas Spring Spacer (on Backrest)
    5. EIC-ooo63-2—117 Backrest (foam pad)
    6. EIC-00062-A—117 Seat (Foam Pad)
    7. EIS-00001—117 Cable (black w/ball end)
    8. EIS-00800N-1—Gas Spring (vertical lift)
    9. EIC-11295-A—Release Mech 1.5in (threaded)
    10. EIC-11296-A—117 9in release Handle
    11. EIC-11250—117 Handle Cap
    12. EIC-00510-A—117 Arm Rest Pad (Foam)
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